Friday, 6 January 2017

New To Rabbits? Start Here!

I was once a new rabbit owner, and the one thing I clearly remember was feeling so helpless and confused. There's an incredibly enormous amount of information on the internet and I felt bombarded by them all.

This post is intended for those who are taking their first step into the world and community of rabbits. If you currently have a rabbit at home but feel at a lost as to what you should do, I'm sure you'll find something useful here. 

Let's take it slow and start small, shall we?

So, the rabbit. The cute furry animal with long ears and a small poofy tail. They hop around and oh - they eat carrots.

But how do you really go about taking care of a rabbit?

First things first - what do rabbits really eat? In general, a rabbit should have:
  • Unlimited hay
  • Limited amount of pellets (depending on the rabbit's weight, etc)
  • A mixture of vegetables
  • Small amounts of fruits as treats

It must be highlighted that carrots are considered to be the treats mentioned above.  A rabbit has a delicate digestive system. Treats, if given in excess, could cause severe or lead to fatal issues. A rabbit should NEVER have a whole carrot that he/she can munch on whenever and wherever like Bugs Bunny.

Yes, cartoons lied to us. Our childhood has been a lie. I know that feeling, my friend.

For details on a rabbit's diet, click here. 

Moving on - how should you house a rabbit?

" ... In a cage, maybe?"

Indeed, nearly all pet owners need a cage. But a cage is not enough. Because of their relatively small size, many people automatically have the impression that a rabbit "should be kept in a cage". Rabbits need space and freedom as well!  So, here's what you'll need:
  • A cage (Note: Take the rabbit's adult size into consideration. He/she should be able to fully stretch out within the cage.)
  • Puppy pens to build playpen setup

Other miscellaneous items you would need to complete the setup should include:
  • A food bowl
  • A water bowl
  • A hay rack/ball to contain the hay (sold at pet shops) OR make your own!

For more information on housing a rabbit indoors, refer to this post.

This post has covered the basics of food and housing - the two most important aspects you'll need to know to care for this magnificent creature we call a rabbit. You don't need to have the knowledge on the history or the Greek or Latin origin of the word "rabbit" to care for one - do all of that at your own leisurely pace. You're now good to go! 

Before you continue on your journey, one word of advice I'd like to give you: see every single rabbit a singular, unique individual. What one rabbit does another might not. There is just so much more to rabbits and I just can't find words to describe how amazing these fellows are. 

Alright, ignore my sentimental feelings. Explore the rest of the blog posts here.

Good luck! 

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